Data Insights

The data we are aggregating is doubling every 18 months. Yet most of it remains unused. We believe this is a huge potential for todays businesses. Big Data Applications and In-Memory processing allows you to browse through huge amounts of data in realtime. There are readily available benefits for a variety of departments in your company. Marketing can get customer insights in a new level of granularity and based on recent data. IT departments are able to make sense of huge amounts of logfiles in a flexible and timely way.

Mobile Applications

In 2013 there were more mobile devices sold than corporate and consumer PC's together. While the PC Industry is declining, the sales of mobile devices is exploding worldwide. As a consequence mobile devices became the primary way to interact digitally with the world and your business. We believe that providing content over multiple channels (web, table, mobile) is a must to be successful in todays world. With this customers expect that information is available 24/7. They share their experience with their friends and they trust recommondation more than classical advertisments. We help you to identify your mobile potential and bring your existing applications to the new mobile world.


The new digital era opens up a number of possibilities. We help you to identify the right priorities in your digital strategy. Are you prepared?


Why Digital Transformation is here to stay

We believe in a future where competitive advantage is driven by the companies capabilities to deal with the new mobile, data driven and realtime reality. The new digital era impacts and reshapes business across all industries and opens up a big potential. The data we are aggregating is doubling every 18 month. Decisions of both the business itself and the customers is driven by data more and more. Digital Natives are outnumbering Digital Converts in a very short time. With this come far reaching implications for todays business:
  • Consumers make smart and well informed decisions
  • Mobile devices became the primary way to interact
  • Consumers often know more about companies than they do
  • We expect 24/7 availability from companies
  • We share our experience with our friends and colleages

Our customer centric and agile approach to projects help our clients to leverage todays and tomorrows opportunities in the digital world. We work closely with you and your teams to identify your digital priorities and design projects most effectively. Our project approach is based on small teams that iteratively deliver results.

As technology driven boutique consultancy our core competencies include
  • Business Analysis
  • Requirements Engineering
  • Software Developement with an emphasis on
    • Mobile Application Development
    • Web and Multichannel Solutions
    • Big Data Applications

So why us?
  • since 2008 we deliver projects in technology driven industries
  • we strictly focus on results
  • we live technology
  • with our own nearshore center we deliver cost effective solutions